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Westing Fulfillment


Westing Fulfillment

Westing Fulfillment is a warehouse and fulfillment provider that has been serving customers since 1995.

Our determination and experience in Canada and the US have allowed us to understand the needs of our customers and provide them with a complete solution to their warehousing and order fulfillment needs.

Our facility in the foothills of Alberta is equipped with the latest technology and tools, allowing us to adapt to the changing needs of our customers.

With 25 years of knowledge and experience, we strive to provide our customers with outstanding service and exceptional value. We serve both domestic and international customers and are dedicated to providing the right solution for every challenge.


Our services include outsourcing warehouse operations, order fulfillment, inventory storage, and distribution.



Westing Fulfillment is a family-owned fulfillment and warehouse services provider based in the Greater Calgary area. We specialize in providing efficient, reliable, and professional services to our partners. With our experience and expertise, we make sure that our clients can focus on their core business operations while we take care of the rest.


Our goal is to be the most professional and reliable partner for our clients.

We strive to provide the best possible service with quick and accurate order fulfillment.

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of service.

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